How I Run

Accidentally Dead



Vampires, werewolves, and witches exist, but all Halie wants to be is human.

Raised by paranormal parents, Halie has always known the paranormal exists, and that one day, she’ll have to join them.

When her werewolf father receives a summons to the Alpha’s house, she has no choice but to go as well. There, she meets a werewolf her own age, newly cursed and ready to show Halie why choosing the side of the wolf is a good idea. But when they’re attacked, will it turn Halie away from the wolves forever?

A prequel Raised by Monsters: How I Die

How I Die

Accidentally Dead



New school means a new, normal, human life. Or, at least, that’s the plan.

After being hunted by a crazed werewolf, Halie’s paranormal parents have promised her a normal senior year full of all the normal, human high school experiences Halie’s always dreamed of.

At her new school, everything is looking up for Halie. She’s dating the quarterback, her best friend is head of the cheer squad, and no one looks at Halie like she’s a freak. She has everything she ever wanted, so why isn’t she happy?

When a new boy appears in school, Halie takes one look at him and knows he’s trouble. He’s tall, dark, and a vampire. Which means Halie’s not interested. So why do their paths keep crossing? And why does he make her feel flutters when the human boyfriend she thought she wanted just isn’t living up to her expectations?

With Homecoming and a full moon drawing near, can Halie keep her tenuous hold on normal? And does she even want to?


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