Manberry Witches



Sabine Barlow, the worst white witch in the coven. That's me.

As the black sheep of the coven, the other white witches never let me forget I fail my family's expectations at every turn. Bad at magic and tempted by the hidden grimoires my family protect, I've never felt like I belong.

When my coven’s ceremonial tools disappear, all fingers point to me, the bad seed. How do I prove my innocence when even my mother thinks I’m guilty?

White Witch, Bad Witch

Manberry Witches



Bad at magic.
Ostracized by my coven.
Stalked by darkness.

It doesn’t take much to be a white witch. Harm none. Nurture the earth. Be mindful in all magic. But what happens when the magic doesn’t mind the witch? What if bad things keep happening, and the only link is me?

When my coven turns against me, naturally I rebel. But I never wanted to hurt my coven, my family. I just wanted to be normal for once, but normal is something I will never have.

Darkness exists, and for whatever reason, it’s followed me home, and nothing will ever be the same.


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