Beneath a Holo-Sky

Poison World



On a poisonous planet where humans live side-by-side with an alien race known as the halion, one investigator just wants to live a peaceful life.

Reagen Thorpe enjoys her solo life as an Investigators, Inc. employee, with the freedom to choose her cases and how she wants to run them. But when a dangerous drug known as Ash floods the city levels, Black Corporation calls on her to clean up the mess. With the mob as her sponsor in Roen, she has no way to refuse.

Now, saddled with an unwanted partner, she risks her life to hunt down the drug smugglers before more bodies pile up.

Ash in the Blood

Poison World



Ash floods the streets in the towering city of Roen. Blue Hall wants the deaths to stop. Black Corporation wants to maintain their contracts with the government and stop losing profit from the illegal distribution.

Investigator Reagen Thorpe has been saddled with Drake Esten of the mob. Together, they’ve been given the dubious task of cleaning up the mess. Since their only lead has blown up, they’ll have to work even harder to track down the clues that will lead them to the distributor.

But with the possibility of Reagen’s past catching up to her, will she stay in Roen? She already burned one bridge. Can she afford to make an enemy of Roen’s mob, too? 

Reagen never wanted a partner, but as they venture further into the case, she will learn that sometimes being alone can be far more dangerous.

When the Sky Turns On

Poison World



Without a valid identity, and nowhere to run, Henly finds himself trapped on Level 4, facing down an impossible task. Can he use street smarts to find a way out? Or has he reached the end of his luck?

Living on the streets is hard, and refusing to join one of the local gangs makes it nearly impossible. But for the last few years, Henly’s used street smarts and fast feet to stay ahead of the game. Just when he thinks he’s finally found a way out, though, he loses contact with Reagen Thorpe, who promised him a datband and a new life for the sale of information.

Left high and dry, Henly finds himself cornered, with no way to go up, and every likelihood of failure. Faced with an impossible task, Henly needs a new way out, and he needs it fast. But where can a kid who doesn’t exist find help?

On a toxic planet, where cities are built one on top of the next, there’s nowhere to hide.



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