Witches of Manberry

Sabine struggles to adhere to her coven's white magic, even when the darker grimoires call to her. But when devastation strikes, Sabine will struggle to stay alive any way possible.


Witches of Manberry​

Standing in the Light is hard, especially when everyone assumes you are capable of Darkness. And maybe I am.


My name is Sabine McGunther Barlow, the daughter of our Coven leader and an apprentice white witch. Everyone expects me to follow in my mother’s footsteps, but walking the path of light magic isn’t easy. I mean, who wants to be perfect all the time? Like any other teenager, I have my faults, and every so often, my curiosity gets the better of me. But, I try to stick to the path of light.


Then my coven’s ceremonial tools disappear, and all fingers point to me, the bad seed. How do I prove my innocence when even my mother thinks I’m guilty?


Witches of Manberry​

On the quest for vengeance, no cost is too high, no life is sacred, and even my soul is on the auction block.


I thought my biggest struggle in life would be to follow my coven’s path of white magic. Harm none, and put out in the world only what I’m willing to receive back threefold. Like a good student, I ignore the whispers of my heart and the call of the forbidden grimoires locked in my family’s vault.


But when destruction comes to my door, it sets in motion a dark path of vengeance. No cost is too high, no life is sacred, and even my soul is on the auction block.

© 2018 by LA Kirk & Lyn Forester