Bound to Be

Tales of Port Lapton

Malachi gave up on love, choosing the safe path to stay close to his two best friends. But when a fateful trip to the Thread Readers shows him a chance at happiness, will he take the risk?

Malachi Barnes fell in love with Aiden O’Meara back when they attended university together. To sustain their friendship, he became an expert at hiding his feelings over the years, especially once Aiden started dating their best friend, Fiona Flynn. To protect the relationships, and his heart, Mal has tried to distance himself. But, owning a business with his best friends makes putting distance between them difficult. Already struggling to find balance in his life, an unexpected visit to the Thread Reader leaves Mal with more questions than answers and choices he’s not ready to make.

When circumstances force Aiden and Mal closer together, Mal questions his ability to hide his feelings any longer. Confronted with uncomfortable options and breaks in his emotional dam, Mal’s life has just been turned upside down. Will Mal be able to resist temptation in order to preserve his friendships, or will he risk everything to find happiness?

In a world where mystical creatures exist, and occasionally choose to take an active role in people’s lives, the townsfolk of Port Lapton will discover that love always finds a way.  Even if it’s with an unexpected, magical push.




Tales of Port Lapton



With an address in hand, I set off to find my destined love, but nothing goes as planned.

A visit with the Thread Reader is supposed to make finding love easy, but when faced with the reality of meeting someone I'm supposed to love on sight, I chicken out and run in the opposite direction. Now I’m in an unfamiliar town with three days off from my job as a waitress. Making the best of my situation, I set out to explore Shrieve Port, if only I could dodge the misfortune that has plagued my steps since the minute I step off the ferry.

Along the way, I meet a man who I feel an instant and bewildering connection to. Fate seems to throw him into my path at every turn, making me question destiny. Can I risk my heart to love someone not meant for me, or will I play it safe and return home to my lonely life?



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