Hyde Verse Hyde

When evil wears the face of twins, and time is stolen through a kiss, who will be the victim, and who will walk away unscathed?


Hyde verses Hyde | Book 1 

The time of gods has passed. What will become of the children they left behind?

Thelsa returns to her home to find her nereid sisters obsessed with treasure and ignoring their duty to help humans. As the time of gods fades, more and more of the magical beings left behind vanish, absorbed by the modern era. 

When a child’s cries for help are ignored, Thelsa takes it upon herself to help him. Little did she know she would meet the towns watchmen, three heroic and determined men whose passion will ignite an answering fire within her heart.

Available exclusively as part of the Deadly Night Anthology


Hyde verses Hyde | Book 2 

Valentine’s Day is about to get deadly, but who will come out Kissed and who will be Cursed?

The Hyde twins are on a new mission to collect more time for their mentor before his patience runs out and their lives are put at risk. In an effort to steal as much from humans as possible, the twins enroll in high school to make the most of the local tradition of a Valentine’s Day Festival. But Ren and Ward’s Kissing Booth offers up more than romance. The fun curse option holds a special bite.


© 2018 by LA Kirk & Lyn Forester