Tied by Fate

Fate's Will

My story starts with a broken heart.

The O’Brien triplets swept back into my world like a storm. My life was just fine without them, thank you. I have a job I’m proud of, predictable routines… I even made peace with what I lost.

We don't belong together. They made that perfectly clear long ago.

But when I look at them, everything feels so right.



Caught by Fate

Fate's Will



I finally found love with the men destined for me, but Fate isn’t willing to let me go so easily.

Living with the O’Brien triplets should be a dream come true, but with our new jobs, finding one on one time with each of the guys is nearly impossible. Added to this are the mysterious wisps, who seem determined to follow me around, despite already delivering me to my heart’s desire: the O’Brien triplets.

When I discover missing items from the Community Center, we all pull together to find the thief. But when we do, its not what we expected.

Life keeps moving after the happily ever after, and the adventure is no where near the end.



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